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Weems & Plath

Weems & Plath Parallel Plotter

Weems & Plath Parallel Plotter

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The Weems Parallel Plotter is our most sought-after Weems plotter. This model is built with a roller for plotting courses and parallel lines with simplified, direct transfer, thus avoiding the need for the extra space demanded by traditional parallel rules and triangles. Two rollers ensure the Weems plotter stays parallel while sliding across the chart.

The Weems & Plath Parallel Plotter is constructed to last, coming with a Lifetime Warranty. It features 3 distance scales at 1:20,000, 1:40,000 and 1:80,000 to suit a variety of Coast and Harbor Charts, as well as an inch scale. It additionally contains two quarter-circle protractors for measuring courses and bearings against a parallel of latitude, and a semi-circular protractor to measure bearings against the meridian on the chart. Accompanying instructions provide even more guidance.

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