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Imray Chart C3 | Isle of Wight

Imray Chart C3 | Isle of Wight

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The C Series features all-encompassing coverage of North West Europe, designed for both offshore passages and inshore navigation. Measuring 787 x 1118mm (31” x 44”), these charts are printed on durable Pretex paper to withstand damp conditions. The chart is folded to A4 size and comes in a durable plastic wallet.

We always provide the latest edition from Imray. These charts are reprinted generally once per year to include the latest corrections. Further corrections are available from Imray's website. If you would like to confirm the print date for your chart please message before buying. 

A passage planning chart ideal for sailing near or around the Isle of Wight. This chart has been reschemed to better complement the other folded charts in our Solent chart range (C15, Y33). Coverage has been adjusted to show the full circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight including the south coast passage. Inset plans of the Needles Channel and Bembridge Harbour and approaches are included.

The latest official UKHO data is combined with additional information sourced from Imray's network to make it ideal for small craft.

New: Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) reporting points
Imray charts for the Solent and approaches now include all VTS reporting points found in these waters. VTS reporting is mandatory for vessels of more than 20m in length that are bound to and from the Solent.

Plans included: 

Needles Channel (1:35 000)
Bembridge Harbour & Approaches (1:10 000)

The chart is designed to be used alongside C15 The Solent for combined coastal navigation, approach, and harbour detail in and around the Solent and Isle of Wight.

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