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Weems & Plath

Weems & Plath LIGHTrule™

Weems & Plath LIGHTrule™

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If you have ever been on the water at night and wondered if the marine navigation lights you see are from an approaching or fleeing vessel, or if you wonder that the vessel is a fishing trawler or super tanker, then LIGHTrule is for you.

This simple-to-use vessel identification tool is inexpensive security for night travel and should be an essential part of the equipment found on any boat. LIGHTrule is also an excellent aide for navigation classes and Coast Guard exams.

  • Identifies all USCG COLREGs
  • Shows the actual view of vessels for port, starboard, bow and stern lights.
  • Identifies 60 marine navigation light configurations
  • Displays 15 day shapes
  • Provides a magnifying lens to make vessel descriptions easy to read
  • Displays horn signals for restricted visibility, manoeuvring and warning
  • Constructed of extremely durable plastic
  • Stored in a vinyl sleeve
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