Seamanship Examiner COLREGS Pocket Book


  • Macneil’s Seamanship Examiner COLREGS Pocket Book
  • Hundreds of self-assessment questions (with answers)
  • Ideal for revision
  • 155 pages
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The Macneil’s Seamanship Examiner series is well known for top quality orals preparation aids. This pocket book contains hundreds of questions, allowing you to test yourself and your classmates on possible orals scenarios. The answers are all in the back so it’s great for revision! The book includes many typical “table top” COLREGs scenarios, along with buoyage, navigation light and radar plotting questions. Here’s the contents, just to give you an idea:

  1. Navigation Lights
  2. Visual Situations
  3. Radar Situations
  4. IALA Buoyage
  5. COLREGs (OOW)
  6. Rule 10: Traffic Separation Scheme
  7. Rule 19: Navigation in Restricted Visibility
  8. COLREGs (Chief Mate)
  9. COLREGs (Master)


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