Flip Cards: Meteorology


  • Particular relevance to RYA courses
  • 50 cards in pack.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Take them anywhere
  • Made in England
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The Meteorology flip cards pack contains 50 cards and covers Meteorology in UK waters with particular relevance to RYA courses. The essential definitions are dealt with and wind forces and their effect on sea states are well illustrated. There are also a number of photographs of cloud formations and the associated weather systems. These cards have questions and answers on both sides, so effectively have 98 problems deal with.

The lovely people at Flip Cards Ltd, a family business based in Worcester, have been making their brilliant cards for over 30 years. In that time, they’ve developed a hugely powerful but simple learning tool.

As it says on the tin (well, the durable transparent PVC wallet), each pack contains cards with a symbol on one side and an explanation on the other. The cards are made from top quality glossy art board, and we can vouch from experience that they will last a long time – from cadet to officer and all the way through the ranks.


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