Cargo Notes


  • Cargo Notes by Dhananjay Swadi
  • Perfect companion for MCA orals preparation
  • Great for SQA written exam preparation too
  • Comprehensive coverage of
    • Dry cargo
    • Wet cargo
    • Cargo watchkeeping
  • 216 pages
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Codes and legislation giving you a headache? Never fear! Dhananjay Swadi’s excellent Cargo Notes, now in its second edition, will clear things right up! A wonderfully comprehensive yet concise set of notes covering much of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s syllabus areas relating to cargo for officer of the watch and chief officer certificates. A fantastic preparation tool for SQA written examinations and MCA orals, and a perfect companion to Angus Ferguson’s Seamanship Notes.

Cargo Notes


Cargo Planning
Stowage Factor & Broken Stowage
Separation and Marking of Cargo
Cargo Documentation
Hold Preparation
Use of Dunnage
Cargo Ventilation
Cargo Gear: Derricks
Cargo Gear: Cranes
Cargo Gear: Specialised
Cargo Gear: Accessories
Cargo Gear: Testing & Maintenance
Precautions for Heavy Lift
Deck Cargoes: Stowage & Securing
Timber Deck Cargoes
CSS code
Cargo Securing Manual
Containers: Types
Containers: Stowage
Containers: Lashing
Ro-Ro Cargoes stowage & securing
Reefer Cargoes – Prior Loading
Reefer Cargoes – Cargo Care
Bulk Cargoes: BC Code
Bulk Cargoes: BLU Code
Bulk Cargoes: Hazards
Bulk Cargoes: Documentation
Bulk Cargoes: Cargo Operations
Bulk Cargoes: Hazardous Cargoes in Bulk
Bulk Cargoes: Coal
Bulk Cargoes: Grain
Bulk Cargoes: Steel
Bulk Cargoes: Iron Ore
Bulk Cargoes: Reporting Requirements
Packaged Dangerous Goods: IMDG Code
IMDG Code: Classes
IMDG Code: Stowage
IMDG Code: Segregation
IMDG Code: Emergencies
IMDG Code: Reporting Requirements
Miscellaneous dry cargo calculations


Oil & Product Cargoes: Hazards
Oil & Product Cargoes: Instruments
Oil & Product Cargoes: Pipeline Systems
Oil & Product Cargoes: Venting Systems
Inert Gas Plant: Requirements
Inert Gas Plant: Layout
Inert Gas Plant: Operation & Alarms
Ship–Shore Safety Checklist
Oil & Product Cargoes: Loading
Oil & Product Cargoes: Cargo Care
Oil & Product Cargoes: Discharging
Crude Oil Washing: Requirements
Crude Oil Washing: Hazards
Crude Oil Washing: Operations
Oil & Product Cargoes: Gas-Freeing
Oil & Product Cargoes: MARPOL Requirements
Oil & Product Cargoes: ODME & Oily Water Separators
Oil & Product Cargoes: Cargo Calculations
Chemical Cargoes: IBC Code
Chemical Cargoes: Hazards
Chemical Cargoes: Ship-Shore Safety Checklist
Chemical Cargoes: Ship Types
Chemical Cargoes: Operations
Chemical Cargoes: Tank Cleaning
Chemical Cargoes: MARPOL Requirements
Gas Cargoes: IGC Code
Gas Cargoes: Hazards
Gas Cargoes: Ship-Shore Safety Checklist
LPG: Ship Types
LPG: Cargo Operations
LPG: Reliquifaction
LNG: Ship Types
LNG: Cargo Operations


General Principles
Duties of the OOW in Port
Entry into Enclosed Spaces & Permit to Work Systems
Means of Access & Safe Movement


Cargo Definitions
SI 336 – Carriage of Cargoes Regulations
Extracts from COSWP
Extracts from STCW 95
Loadline Zones 

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